Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celebrating 14 Years!

Today is Emma's 14th Birthday!

The whole time I was pregnant with her I prayed that God would use her life is a powerful way. Of course I was thinking along the lines of a missionary or something like that. :o) But early on God showed me that He is using her NOW in MY life! Emma has so much determination, some may call that a strong will. This determination coupled with the deepest since of compassion I've ever seen makes for a mighty arrow in our quiver! The Lord has used her to refine ME so much! I did not realize that I was the one that needed so much 'ministering' to (read between the lines here...refining!). :o) Children can teach us so much about ourselves, good and bad!

Not only is Emma's compassion (which she gets from her Dad) a much needed character trait in our home, but her sense of humor keeps all of us on our toes. She has a way of saying things that most of us cannot get by with, and she leaves us all laughing. I wish I could make people laugh the way she does. And speaking of laughing...she has one of those hilarious laughs that MAKES you laugh. I pray that she will use her ability to make people laugh to bring God glory. This world needs more holy laughter. :o)

She had a party Friday night but the camera was left in Grandma's car, so we won't be able to post pictures until this weekend. :o/

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Dana said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Lovely slideshow of a lovely girl!