Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Parental Rights!

I'm sure anyone that home educates their children has heard the OUTRAGEOUS court decision in California by now. It is all over the web, especially the blogs.

In a nut shell, a California appeals court has ruled that the state's parents have no constitutional right to homeschool their own children.

I like how Albert Mohler put it:

This is a controversy that demands the attention of all parents. After all, if parents have no constitutional right to educate their own children, what other aspects of the parent's choices for their own children lack protection? This question reaches far beyond educational decisions.

Kelly has some good points HERE.

Barbara has alot of good information also HERE.

Are you frustrated with the political situation? I AM! Are you disgusted with activist judges? I AM! Do you think your voice doesn't count? You can NOT give up! We have got to train up the next generation to know truth, to love truth, to seek truth! Teach your children the Bible, teach them real history, teach them politics!

May God grant us all wisdom and courage to do what needs to be done!

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