Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We love having company, although it can be challenging with a smaller house, but the Lord did not command us to practice hospitality only if you have a long enough table for everyone to sit at together! :o) We practice most of our hospitality during the warmer months because my Wonderful husband built a nice picnic pavilion and fire circle for us. We love doing cookouts. We also hosted an outdoor tea last spring.

BUT... someday we hope to have one of those long dining room tables to be able to invite families over to a nice sit down meal. :o)

Some of our most beloved friends invited us over for a BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS, four course meal just before New Years. One of their family's goals this year is to invite each family in our church over for a nice, four course, sit down meal at least once this year. This is PERFECT training ground to help teach their children (and everyone else) table etiquette for a fancier meal than a hamburger and french fries. :o) Because my grandmother is visiting us they chose to have us over first...I'd hate to think we were the guinea (just kidding Trish!)

Trish had all the food ready and our daughters
and their daughter's did the food presentation
(making it look pretty on the plate) and serving.

They served the adults and the boys/young men.
We had pleasant conversation and joked about
what was 'proper' and what was not and why.
We had a very nice time and their family has once
again inspired us in the area of hospitality.

Another avenue of hospitality is in the form of 'Take Out'! :o)

New Years Day Olivia and Emma took part of our
meal to our elderly neighbors across the road.
They are like second grandparents to them and are
PURE COUNTRY FOLKS, if you know what I mean!

They fixed a lovely tray complete with the good silverware,
goblets, cloth napkins and a small vase with fresh herbs in it.
That was fun for the couple and for the girls!

Romans 12:13

Distributing to the necessity of saints;

given to hospitality.

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