Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hospitality~ Napkin Folding

I barter homemaking lessons for Olivia's piano lessons. It's a great trade! Pictured below is sweet Ana (in the blue) and Olivia (who is sweet too!) as they prepare a four course meal for Ana's dad's birthday dinner that we hosted last night.

Emma did the napkin folding and set the tables.

Lay your napkin flat, fold all four corners in to the center.

Gently flip it over.

Fold all four corners in again to meet in the center.

Place a glass in the center to leave an imprint on the napkin,
lift the corners slightly.

Place some greenery, fresh herbs, a fresh flower,
or even their place card in the center of the napkin.
It is January so we have no flowers in the yard,
and this was a man's supper, so we used some evergreens!

The girls did a great job!

Here is the desert.
You can see details of this over HERE!

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