Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coffee Apron

Last week we had supper at the Crawford's in their new home. Their home is beautiful and their hospitality skills are wonderful. Kelly and Aaron have a relaxed atmosphere and make you feel very welcome. Their oldest Bria did a great job on the pizza, and all SEVEN of their children are so well behaved and joy to be around. Kelly truly lives out what she teaches in her Child Training book and in her articles.
This is an apron I made for Kelly.
She LOVES coffee, so this fabric is PERFECT for her!

I have had a hard time finding an apron style that I really like. The ones that tie around the neck drive me nuts! Last week a friend showed me her grandmother's apron. I traced it out on some butcher's paper. This is the apron. Now I am working on adjusting it to fit me, not an easy thing to do. :o(

Anyway, I LOVE this pattern!


Word Warrior said...

You are such a dear...and all you should know that Kathy is the REAL hospitality queen...I was just thrilled to have her over, hoping some of that skill and creativity would ooze over onto me :-)

Rebecca said...

I hate aprons that tie around the neck too. I found the most beautiful pattern and the most beautiful coordinated fabric and I made myself an apron-only to discover the bodice in front was not big enough to cover me (a trouble area) and so I can't use the most beautiful apron I made! Worse yet, I got the fabric at a discount store and can't get anymore of it! :-( Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

I feel your pain Rebecca! I have the same problem. I have now made 3 of these aprons, none of which FIT ME, and I'm still working on making it 'fit right'.

And people have the misconception that homemakers waste their brain. lol...