Sunday, December 9, 2007


My grandmother is visiting from New York. Here she is with Santa!
Jeff is playing Santa at our Quilter's Cottage up at Palisades Park during their Festival of Lights. All the money raised (from the photos and crafts) go to Blount County Charities.
I made his costume last week and without the extra stuffing he'd be a
pretty wimpy looking Santa.

Our family doesn't 'do' Santa, but this has been fun.
The kids that come through have been so funny.


Dana said...

We don't "do Santa" either. However, we were at a mall last week and a "Santa" wanted to give Brandie a candy cane. She looked at me, then at him, like he was nuts! She never did take it from him. After we walked away, she said "you said Santa isn't real..?". I asked her if I was messing with her mind. Of course, she doesn't understand what that means, but agreed nonetheless. Now she keeps telling me to stop "minding her mess" instead of "messing with her mind". Cute, eh? Anyway, I digress. Looks like y'all had a great time with your parties!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Your Grandmother is lovely! :o)

Rosie doesn't believe in Santa... She says that she feels much better knowing mom and dad leave presents instead of having a stranger lurking in the house! LOL