Friday, November 2, 2007

The Winner of the Quilt Class...

Melynda of
Our Blessed Arrows.


I am also offering ALL of you that commented on the give away a 50% discount if you buy all 5 lessons before next Friday, November 9th!

This class is sold as five separate lessons, so you can buy them as you need them, which helps families on a tight budget.

BUT if you buy all them by next Friday I'll give you 50% off. You MUST email me privately to get this offer, do NOT buy it through the website. This offer is ONLY for those of you that commented on the give away.

Regular $30.25
but commenters can receive the class for $15,
for one week only!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is this offer still available? I would love the opportunity to learn to quilt and be able to teach my daughters, ages 18, 12, and 4. Please let me know, and I will be ready to purchase the classes right away.
I am new to reading your blog, and have enjoyed it greatly. The idea of teaching our children life skills even more so than academics is something my husband and I try to practice, but we obviously have not taught them some of the skills you are teaching. I will definitely continue reading the blog to learn more.
I do have a question, though. How would you handle a 19 year-old son who must be continually prodded to help with the kitchen in the evening, and maintain a minimum of chore requirements. My husband and I recognize we are getting what we have trained for, as some of our convictions have been arrived at recently, and he is not openly rebellious, and he does work full time in my husband's business. We just don't feel like he his conduct shows that he wants to be on the same "team", so to speak.
Thank you for any insight you might offer.
Beth Halverson