Thursday, November 8, 2007

Joseph's Quilt

Some dear friends of ours are leaving next week to go get their little boy from Liberia. His birth mother had to give him up because she could not give him the care he needs, I wonder if I would be that strong if I had to. He has a heart condition and will need open heart surgery when he gets here.
So here is a quilt of many colors for Jo Jo. Note the African continent on the right, the air plane flying toward America and the cross in the center. If it weren't for the Cross and God's adoption of us we'd have no hope.

Please pray for the Whites as they bring their baby home. Pray that he bonds quickly with his new mom, that the trip home goes smoothly and also pray for his mother who must be grieving terribly. Pray that one day Joseph will be a mighty instrument for the Gospel.

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Lisa said...

Praying! :o)