Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Give Her the Fruit of Her Hands

Now for the exciting thing that happened to Olivia at the quilt show.

She made this wall hanging to be donated at our Fire Department's Chili Supper for a silent auction. A lady came up to her at the show and asked if she would consider selling it. We were kind of caught off guard, but said, "Sure!" Olivia told her $50, the lady gave her $60. It's probably worth more than that, but we are still learning the value of things. :o) The lady is going to have it framed. It's exciting to know someone likes your stuff THAT much! I was so excited for Olivia. So today she has been working on another flag wall hanging to donate to the auction. :o)Here is a quilt I just finished for a sweet lady in MD. She had this made as a surprise for her son who is away at his first year of college. These are his t-shirts from high school and his badges and patches are all sewn in the border. This was a fun quilt to do! What a special way to use those t-shirts.


Daisy said...

AWESOME job, Olivia! :o)

The quilt for the college freshman is so sweet, not to mention gorgeous! I'm sure he'll cherish it always.

Shelley Jo said...

Wow! that flag quilt is so amazing! I LOVE it! Way to go, Olivia!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Susan it has been just as awesome to get to know you. We've not met, but the Lord used the quilt to give us friendship :) Nathan is actually in his third year at school. He did two at our local college. And the t-shirts go way back to his childhood too. The I wish you Jesus was from a musical when he was in seventh grade! Thank you so much Kathy for this. You put up with a lot, with me making up my mind and all. I Love it. God Bless, Denise

denise said...

I pressed the wrong button I am not anonymous! :)



Sonya said...

Congratulations to Olivia. The wall hanging is lovely! And this quilt you made, wow! Very unique and I love that old shirts were used. How special!