Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Abortion: The Context of Our Praise

From Dean Abbot:

While we are busy trying to show the world “Christians can have fun too”, the world around us grows an ever darker, more murderous place.

We fail to consider our context. The most significant fact we should carry with us about our culture as we consider how we might design church services that speak to it is the reality of abortion. We should remember that while we fill our services with clever skits and shallow songs and advice on achieving your best life now, the streets of our cities run with the blood of 50 million babies.

Whatever we do in church, it should point to something, indeed someone, strong enough and virile enough, to gain victory over evil of that magnitude. The culture of death is the culture into which we speak. Abortion is the context of our praise. A church dedicated to her own entertainment, to feeling good on Sunday mornings will fail, indeed has failed, to point to Jesus, the one who will redeem and punish the evil of our age.

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Along the same topic I read THIS last week...just makes me sick! God have mercy on our nation.

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Dana said...

Regarding the Down's baby: When I was last pregnant, at the age of 39, the doctor INSISTED that we go for "genetic counseling". He wouldn't treat us if we didn't. It was a high-risk pregnancy and we felt we had no choice. We went and sat through the "counseling" about the risks because of my age, the risk of the amniocentisis (sp?) etc only to tell the "counselor" that it didn't matter to us. We would NOT undergo testing. God was giving us the baby he wanted us to have. The woman was taken aback and looked at us like we were freaks. We thanked her for her time, and then left.

On a separate note, I like what our Crisis Pregnancy Center does: The mothers can earn baby items all the way up to a crib by participating in weekly Bible studies. For some young moms, this is the only way they will get some of the items they need, and the only exposure to the Gospel they will ever have.

I'm rambling here. :-) BUT...I have to tell one more story. When I lived in a large city, I went to the local abortion mill on Saturdays to peacefully protest and pray. One week a lady from our church just happened to show up. She felt God leading her to just come, so she did. Inside the brick building that Saturday she saw a young girl with her mother and a lady from the mill. The mom was signing--acting as translator--between her daughter and the worker. The lady from church just happened to know American Sign Language and started signing "Jesus loves you and your baby" over and over. The young girl inside saw our friend signing over and over. She got up and left, choosing not to abort her unborn child. It gives me chills just to type this story out!