Thursday, August 16, 2007

Labor of Love

It is 12:30 am, my two favorite men are out fighting another fire. We are in a severe drought here and we've had record breaking temperatures which includes temps over 100 for the last 10 (?I've lost count) days.

My husband and son work in the heat and it takes a toll on them. Today after working all day they were called out to a field fire with structures in danger. This was caused by road crews mowing the sides of the roads, they hit some stones, which caused sparks and fire. Within 15 minutes 45 acres were burnt.

I don't know how in the world these guys do what they do. Combine their protective fire gear (which is so heavy) with the heat from a fire and air temperatures being over 100 degrees it has got to be incredibly hard to do their volunteer job.

This fire came VERY close to a home. After Jeff and Josh got home and sat down with exhaustion, Josh said, "At least we didn't loose any homes." After fighting that fire for 5-6 hours they took their baths and went to bed. At midnight the tones go off again, the fire has rekindled and out of control. As my guys were rushing to get their selves together another tone went off stating that the fire had taken on a 2 story residence. This area is farm land and homes. I sit here praying for those that could loose home and this year's income. I pray for the safety of MY guys and the rest of the department. Jeff took two allergy tablets a few hours ago, which knock him out, it HAS to be a labor of love to push a person to such physical limits. A love for people.

Please pray that the Lord will see fit to bring this horrible drought to an end and that He would also give us a break with the temperatures. May we all remember Who is in control! It is times likes these that we begin to realize just how much we take for granted.

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