Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home Sweet Home Alabama

ahhhhh...finally home from our trip, tired and thankful. I think traveling does so much to bring life into perspective.

We enjoyed our time with family and we are ALWAYS so torn between absolutely loving where we live now and missing our family. We live in a wonderful, conservative, home school friendly, mild weathered area. We have a church that some people dream of being near and friends that are dear to us. When we travel to New York I feel like a fish out of water because we are so different, NOT BETTER, but different. Yet, as we live here in the south we long for family and our northern heritage (NOT Yankee, but northern). When I am at my Grandma's house I am so at peace there, it is where I spent most of my childhood and I have so many happy memories there. I lived there when I had our first 2 children. We have been here in the south for almost 19 years, where we birthed our last 2 children, we love it, but the family is missing. Sometimes I view it as perhaps the Pilgrims did, moving to a new land hoping for the future generations to have a better life. Where we now live is our children's heritage, it is THEIR stomping ground, their memories, their childhood...

So now we're HOME, ready to get back to our daily routine. Today as we drove the last 6 hours of the 20 hour journey I began to make my list of projects that needed doing and a 'school' schedule.

Olivia has declared that she refuses to move north of the Mason Dixon Line. LOL...

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