Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One Smart Cookie!

Tonight I was tweaking our Teaching Good Things website (when I should have been sleeping) and I managed to delete something important and made a mess of the template. Long story short, I e-mailed the sweet young lady that designed the template in the beginning and in minutes she had me all straightened out! Thank the Good Lord she was online tonight, because I was really starting to freak out!

It's neat that she is a HOME EDUCATED girl! I have to boast about that ya know! So this is my plug for Anne. If you need a domain name, hosting or help with designing a template she is GREAT, and VERY, VERY pleasant to work with. Her rates are reasonable also. We should support not only other Christians, but support these wonderful young ladies that are seeking to be creative and productive while still at home. She is one smart cookie!

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