Sunday, June 10, 2007

Food and Friends

We hosted a cookout for a new family in our community that are fellow home educators. We invited them, and 3 other families over. Everyone brought a little something and we had a good time. The guys played horse shoes, the kids played Frisbee and badmitten, and we women folk sat around and visited.
(Olivia blowing bubbles with the little ones)

Olivia was such a big blessing by helping with the little ones. This is just one way that older girls (and boys) can minister to families, by caring for the younger ones so moms can relax and have some good adult conversation. I am so thankful for my daughters and their love for children. I pray that God has made their quiver LARGE, and that God fills it FULL!

Here is Taylor who is swinging with her baby sister, Chandler. Taylor will make a great Mom one day. I look forward to see what God will do with her love for family and home. Their family is adopting a baby from Liberia.Chandler-Mae and her lovely Mom.

Trish (aka Farm Girl)...I wish I could work as
hard as she does and still look as good as she does!
Hannah, Trish's daughter, with dirt and worms (chocolate pudding and gummy worms).

Here are the intellectuals of the group playing chess!
Andy, Tucker, Scott and Chandler

Johnny and Joshua playing Frisbee.

Jeff and Chandler...she such a doll.

Well that was just a few shots, I missed capturing alot of faces...oh well, maybe next time.

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