Monday, May 14, 2007

Why We Love Talk Radio

Being a homeschool Mom we've spent hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of hours in the car over the past 14 years running to co-op classes, music lessons, sports, etc... One thing we have tried to do is listen to conservative talk radio. We have a local station that is pretty good (you can also listen on line), they are over-all conservative in their views, although some of their host are not the best to listen to because of their aggressive attitude, we will listen to 'them' in small doses, but their other host that are respectable we will listen to quite often.

The reason we LOVE talk radio is because it wonderful to learn current events and to listen to see what the general public is saying about those events, because most news reports (newspaper and TV) are bias and inaccurate. Which of course we are all a bit bias, but I want to teach my children HOW TO THINK critically.

So when an issue is being discussed, I discuss with my children how to view it from a Biblical perspective and if it is political in nature, does it line up with the U.S. Constitution. Does a host's views line up with what God says, and then each caller, do they have a Biblical perspective, do they know their Constitution? If we think that a caller or host is wrong in their opinion or attitude, then we discuss how we could approach someone with kindness to educated them with the truth. We also discuss if there are any ways to solve the problem. And of course if a host is way out of line with his attitude, words etc... we turn on some music. :o)

Another lesson we have learned is how important it is to be able to communicate your opinion. When we hear callers call in and all they do is rant, it proves they cannot communicate well, the same thing when someone calls in and just stumbles all over themselves and spends 60 seconds saying nothing. I want my children to be able to communicate, to be able to influence for good, and to know what is going on around them.

Talk Radio can be very good, if you have a good station, know your history, know your Constitution, and know your Bible. Let's be raising up a generation that is able to THINK and research, not just drink the Kool-aid.

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