Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The last couple of weeks I kept smelling something strange off and on. Some days I'd smell it, then I wouldn't. I have been insisting to Jeff that there must be something dead somewhere, and today I was insisting that our refrigerator was going out. Jeff has bad sinus problems so he could not smell a thing. I told him, "I know my house and I know when something is not right!" To make me happy today he pulled out the refrigerator, the drawer under the oven and vacuumed everything, thinking maybe dust and dirt was a problem. After searching all evening and complaining women in the house, he found the problem!
We have a window air conditioning unit in our kitchen. THIS is...was it's plug!!! Our weather has been pretty mild so the unit has not been on very much the past couple of weeks. OH THANK GOD this did not catch on fire during the night, or while we were gone for the day, like yesterday, or while one of the girls was home alone.
Jeff and Josh replaced the plug and everything is fine now. I am thankful we did not loose our home, or even worse our lives. I am thankful that Jeff and Josh have the ability to repair it themselves (Josh has apprenticed with an electrician for two years). Jeff was pretty uptight for a while after all of this. With both of my guys being firemen they know all too well what could have easily and quickly happened.

One thing that could have prevented this is something about a 'ground' on the plug, it didn't have one and should have. If it would have had a ground, it would have tripped the breaker in the breaker box and cut off the electricity. But since it didn't, it was heating up to cause a fire.

So many blessing to count!

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Shelley said...

Thanking God with you, Kathy! :-)