Sunday, May 27, 2007

Petti Fours~Substitute

I have never been able to do a good job at Petti Fours.
In my frustration this is what I have come up with as a
substitute until I can make them well.
To save time and mess during serving,
these little cakes are a good alternative to Petti Fours.

Bake the cake mix in a cookie/baking sheet.
It will be about 1/2 - 1"in height after baking.

Cut into small squares, placing one on top of the other so they are the same size.
Optional: Pipe icing around the edge of the first layer and add strawberry filling (jam).
Place second layer on top. You could skip the layer and filling and just ice a thicker layer.
Using a 16 or18 star tip decorate up and down, and then across on the top.
With a 103 or 104 make a rose bud.
Add leaves with green icing, or use fresh mint leaves (above).

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Mrs. Opper said...

What an absolutely gorgeous tea party, Kathy! The pictures are lovely, and make me quite eager to have one of my own. Thank you for sharing these.

Have a great day,
Denise Opper
(from The Puritan Light Sisterhood)