Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Lord is ever so faithful! He gives us opportunity after opportunity to walk out our talk.

Monday night we (the girls and I) went to hear Yvonne Welch speak. It was so good...all stuff I knew. Like how not to let bitterness take root, and forgiving others. She went over what happens if you do forgive and what happens if you don't. If you do truly forgive others then the Lord will also forgive you...and who doesn't need that? :o) You will also have peace. If you do not forgive, and let that bitterness grow, then the consequences are very painful, it will steal your peace, your joy! It can also make you very sick physically.

Like I said, I know all this stuff, but some times...I forget. :o/

This wonderful reminder was given on Monday night. Tuesday morning my Heavenly Father gave me the *opportunity* to do the *right thing*. (He's pretty quick isn't He?) I was presented with a situation that was unkind, and unfair and it REALLY got under my skin...yep, I got mad. Now I kept my cool on the outside, but inside I was boiling...I was ready to set the record straight...but I kept my mouth closed. On our way home from where this *opportunity* took place, I told the girls what had happened because it did involve them. As I was going over and over in my mind what I'd really like to say... (not nice things)...

Olivia's response was to chuckle. (!!!??*!?@!!) Her attitude was one of "They (the offenders) are so silly." Later she said, "Well it is not worth getting a bone marrow transplant over" referring to the fact that anger and bitterness can ruin your bones (your health).

So I sat there, being the Godly Mother I am (not) and continued to think of all the things I'd REALLY like to say...then Emma (who is SO MUCH like dear ol' Mom and has to speak her mind) says, "Well, I'm not saying anything after last night!" Referring to the lesson from Mrs. Welch. At this point I figured I'd best get a grip on my anger and obey the Lord!

On one hand I was so proud of how my daughters responded to this conflict, they both did the right thing right away. On the other hand, I am so ashamed that I failed this *opportunity*. I didn't fail outwardly, but in my heart I did. :o(

As Mrs Welch said, "You need to conquer your giants while you are young, or you'll fight them when you are old." My prayer for my children is that they walk the walk of faith even as young people, and they will be even stronger in the Lord when they are older. Maybe someday I'll get it right on the first try.

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