Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Than a Meal

Meal time is so important. Not only do we receive physical nutrition from the food, but we receive emotional and spiritual nutrition from the fellowship. I love meal time when we are all at home. One thing for sure, it is never quite. This is when we get the most communicating in. Families that do not eat together at least one meal a day are really missing out on a HUGE blessing. Now that Joshua's schedule is so crazy we don't get to eat together everyday, and I miss that.

I am ashamed to admit that in years past that meal time has not always been pleasant. Our schedule was TOO BUSY...always running from here to there. When we did sit down for meal time we had to address all the issues of the day, which included discipline...NOT a good thing to do at the table! Oh how I regret those times.

Now I purpose to make meal time pleasant. I know it is part of my duty to make this a time that when our kids leave home, they will have fond memories gathered around the table. Enjoying God's blessings of food and family. Olivia is great about making meal time special with flowers or decorations. Every meal with her is like a special event. Emma is a great cook too!
Tuesday night I used the good glasses and plates and fixed a special juice drink for us, and added a strawberry. It is a simple thing, but it is the LITTLE special things that make an ordinary Tuesday supper seem special!

Saturday we had a gentleman visit us, he pops in from time to time. He lives alone and is a truck driver, so home cooked meals are ALWAYS a treat for him. It was cool here this past weekend. He came in sat down on the couch and commented on how nice it was to sit in a nice home, warm and comfortable. About 20 minutes later, I walked back into the living room and he was laying on the couch, covered up and snoring...LOUDLY! To me there is no greater compliment than to be told that people feel welcome and comfortable in our home. This is what a homemaker does!

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