Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Times Two

Yesterday was Joshua's 19th birthday,
and today is Emma's 13th birthday.

This makes me the Mom of 3 teenagers, Olivia is 16.
:o) I like it...most days!
Emma and I spent the day shopping and out to eat the other day...just the two of us.
Last night we had a little cookout with a few friends.

Josh, Abby and Katie (Josh doing the grilling.)
Josh and the White's youngest, Chandler-Mae.
They have the same hair do!
Katie, Olivia, Kristie, Emma, Abby, Josh, Katie, Laura and Andy.
I didn't get a picture before the others left, sorry. :o/
Emma has BEAUTIFUL curly hair (though it is a MESS here!), hair people pay alot of money for, but she doesn't like it...doesn't that sound just like woman?! She has been begging to have it straight. Our dear friend Robin offered to come give her a little make over. Emma was beside herself with excitement. So Robin came just before the cookout/party.

This is the AFTER shot!
Don't you think she could pass for Robin's daughter???
Emma LOVES her new do!

Emma requested a German Chocolate Cake, I made the icing from scratch, which I will post a 'how to' next week. Josh had a lemon cake with a cream cheese icing, with a strawberry filling, I'll post this next week too!
Always the clown!
No we didn't let him bite into it. :o)
John and Art
Chandler and her dad, Scott.
Tucker and Cullen
Cooper roasting marshmallows.

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