Thursday, December 21, 2006

When Olivia was little, she LOVED baby dolls, and still played with them until just as few years ago. I use to love watching her cuddle and care for them as if they were real, it was beautiful. I could just see her being a great mom one day. (Emma was more into kittens and puppies :o), but still a nurturer.)

I guess because our children are older and we don't watch much TV that I really haven't a clue as to what is "in" and what's not, and the fact that I rarely walk by the toy department. The other night I saw this precious little girl, maybe about 4-5 years old, holding her doll. I was so shocked when I took a closer look at the doll, it was a Bratz doll. She was so trashy looking, nothing pretty, nothing wholesome. I was so sad for this little girl, this is the image of what she would like her baby to look like??? This doll did not need to be cuddled, she needed a spanking, her face washed to wipe away the ton of make-up, and to finish putting some clothes on.

Then I read THIS today. Where are our little girls? Where is the sweetness of watching a little one play Mommy? Where is the love for femininity and home? We have a generation of women, not ladies!

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greasy joan said...

Oh the skankification of little girls is so sad, isn't it. And mothers BUY this garbage. There are people in my life who don't understand why on earth we deprive our daughters or Barbies or Bratz. .... wonder why??