Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Parenting Teens

Being the mom of teenagers is so hard, so fun, so rewarding and so scary! I am watching my children find their convictions. Some of their 'world view' can be shocking at times, but I know God is faithful. Our oldest (18) seems to be really struggling right now and when worry and fear floods over me I have to remind myself that he (all of them) belong to the Lord. I know that their faith, their convictions won't be *theirs* until they are tested. And as they grow up I become less and God the Father becomes more. The hard part for me as the mom, is being still and knowing that God loves them more than I do. God *will* finish the good work He has begun in them and at the same time His work in me!

I read this on Spunky's Blog today. Oh, may God call our children to Himself, give them wisdom and a love for life. And may parents teach their children faithfully.

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