Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cleaning, Quilting and Children

Last night was our daughters' piano recital.

They did so well and we are so proud of their hours and hours of hard work to learn their music. We also catered the reception after the recital. Jeff and I had a late night the night before, he is a volunteer fireman and they had a structure fire, so we didn't get to sleep until after 3 am. Between being exhausted, and so much to do as far getting food ready for the recital, the housework was greatly neglected. When we got in from the recital about 10 pm I was too tired to do anything.

I woke up to my oldest daughter (15) washing the dishes...*what a blessing.* Both girls had plans today with Grandma, and as much as I hated to move from the recliner, I knew the dirty, cluttered house needed to be tackled. After putting on my sneakers, pulling my hair back, tying on an apron, and popping in some 'happy' music, I started my work. I spent several hours tackling one 'hot spot' (as Flylady would call them), then another. While I worked I prayed, sang, thought through some things, etc.. As I finished up mopping the floor and putting a flower on the kitchen table, I stood back and just enjoyed the finish product. Isn't a clean house so satisfying? Now if I wanted to put on my 'critical glasses', I could point out all that still needs to be done and go around feeling defeated all day, because it's never going to be done perfectly nor completely, there are always 'hot spots' that need to be taken care of. But I just want to enjoy the fruit of my labor and smile at a mopped floor before someone comes tracking in, which I'm sure will be dear ol' hubby :o)

I just love being a homemaker, I am NOT a house wife, nor am I a housekeeper, but a ***homemaker***. It is so satisfying when I have done my job and done it well. Feminist may think little of homemaking, that orderliness, clean floors, matching socks, a full meal on the table for supper, and so on, is not that big of a deal, that we *homemakers* are wasting our lives away doing things that no one notices, that we are not effecting the world, that we are not adding to the family income, etc... Well... my husband notices and it blesses him for me to be his helper (Gen. 'helpmeet'), he tells me this all the time. There is no dollar amount that anyone could pay me that would equal a "thank you" from my husband. Also, my Lord notices. He notices when I have a grateful, obedient attitude. According to His written word, He created me to be my husband's helper, and then to be a mother. There is so much peace in that, so much satisfaction. No, it is not always easy, most days are busy, tirering, and some are down right hard. But that is why I am here. To work, and rejoice in why God made me.

Cleaning is kind of like quilting. First you have to have the resolve to 'just do it'! Then start working your plan. I love the 'idea' of a quilt, I look at them and ooo and aww at them. I loooove to get under one when I am cold, but I don't necessarily enjoy all the cutting, measuring, sewing (fighting with thread, bobbins, ect...) RIPPING out seams, getting stuck by pins, and so on... but OOOOH! How I love the finished project. I find great accomplishment in knowing that *I* made that quilt. There is something so satisfying about creating something. And I think it is the same feeling I get when I clean house. I like the 'idea' of a nice clean house, but I really don't enjoy scrubbing the toilet, or the dust bunnies, or the stack of dirty clothes, but OOOOOH! how I love the finished product. I love to step back and look at my kitchen when it is clean. I love not having to jump and hide clutter if someone were to come to the!

And I guess it is the same for child training or most any other thing in life. No one really enjoys the task of spanking a child, or giving the same instruction 100 times, but we love the finished product of a well-behaved, skilled, kind, Godly, young adult.

Life is not easy, the majority of it is work, in one form or another. So we must resolve to do our work, with confidence that this is the will of the Father, with perseverance, purpose and joy. Seeking to glorify God...after all...THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE!

Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


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